Presentation – Three perspectives: Daneil Peter Cunningham and Mark James Hamilton 

How to be a successful yoga outlier: Working against populist yoga expectations

11.50am-12.20pm with Daneil Peter Cunningham and Mark James Hamilton 

Daneil and Mark have been developing their Para Shakti Flow for the past 3 years. It gathers their learning, which totals to over 48 years of research. Mark created the sequence of actions that form the practice as a synthesis of his discoveries from working within South Indian movement and classical art forms. Together, he and Daneil have developed this synthesis as a practice for diverse people. Their point of reference for this process is the vision of Jerzy Grotowski. He sought the creation of an active culture for contemporary life – a way of making an embodied journey into life’s deepest questions. Para Shakti Flow was first shaped to assist Daneil’s creation of radical performance works. He asked Mark to develop a ‘container’ that could help him prepare to enter dynamic processes of change through his creation of art. The metaphor might be that a cosmonaut would definitely need a spacesuit to safely exit the spaceship. The practice is like a space suit for embodied exploration of one’s self. It also offers a way of connecting to deep ecology. It is transformational in its repetition. Mark and Daneil feel it is important to share aspects of how they arrived at such a practice; it didn’t appear magically. They are devotees of the holy woman Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi. She resides in South India at the Amritapuri Ashram, and is widely known as Amma. Para Shakti Flow is rooted in ancient Hindu practice and Daneil and Mark look to Amma for guidance and inspiration.

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