Presentation – Three perspectives: Derek LeDayn

How to be a successful yoga outlier: Working against populist yoga expectations

11.10am-11.40am with Derek LeDayn

We see popular expectations of yoga in media photographs of practitioners — young, lithe, hyper-flexible women, in demanding asanas. Against these expectations I am an outlier — not young or thin, not a particularly flexible man, quiet asanas. As practitioners and teachers how are we affected by these popular representations? As teachers, how do we work with and against these popular expectations: deciding what we offer and do not offer as teachers, promoting ourselves to attract students, working with students, and determining our scope of practice? Using as a case study some of my story, this presentation will discuss my teaching practice of Yin yoga with mindfulness, as an example of slowly getting clearer about what I teach, and the collaborative exploration between teacher and students, of what they want and what I can offer. Participants will be invited to reflect on their own circumstances as a practitioner and as a teacher, and to consider what they want to do as a teacher.

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