Yoga by your Self – A discussion on the art and role of self-practice

Date: 23/11/2018

Time: 4:15 pm - 5:30 pm

Location: Main Marquee


Yoga by your Self – A discussion on the art and role of self-practice

This presentation will:

  • Explain a definition and history of Self-practice within the Yoga tradition.
  • Seek to inspire and support teachers and practitioners to cultivate a sustainable personal-practice.
  • List ways of staying disciplined and committed.
  • Offer questions that keep a self-practice alive.
  • Investigate ways to evaluate and make appropriate practice choices.
  • Deliver a ‘personal weather report’ meditation.

The Yoga Tradition comes with the universal goal of liberation, however, the journey that we tread is a personal one. A yoga practice must attend to our own unique needs and often this requires going beyond the modern phenomenon of yoga studios and online classes with the prioritisation of a self-practice.

Self-practice is especially vital for Yoga teachers who need to teach from experience, exploration and a felt sense of understanding. Perhaps doing a self-practice is the difference between being a Yoga teacher and a Yoga Instructor?

Depending on the style, lineage, or teacher, the yoga tradition offers various approaches to the art of self-practice. With the continuing reports around abuse of power by ‘gurus’ and lead teachers, as well as the ever-growing list of injuries that people are receiving through specific yoga approaches and alignment cues, this talk and discussion will ask how we can develop our own inner reference system to guide our own yoga journey and not always have to be guided by the outer reference of teacher or traditional lineage.

Come learn and share ideas to support a sustainable personal practice approach.

Speaker - Sam Loe