Yoga Teaching in NZ

Date: 25/11/2018

Time: 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Location: AJ100


  • Yoga Teacher Training Panel
  • Introduction Quality standards for yoga teacher training and support in NZ for yoga teachers is close to the heart of many yoga teachers and yoga teacher training providers.
  • Whilst yoga values and respects its Indian source and teachings, a strong belief in our Kiwi identity has led to discussion on how yoga standards can include NZ needs. Many see the value of joining a yoga professional organisation which reflects the qualifications and experience of each member, supports them, and provides representation and advocacy for the yoga community.
  • The yoga community sees the relevance of aligning teacher training with best practice worldwide. The basic ‘de facto’ qualification for yoga teaching in NZ is the Yoga Alliance 200hr standard. Most training providers include the 200hr standard and teachers with this qualification may join REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) administered by Exercise New Zealand. Some training providers also meet the more demanding standards of Yoga Australia.
  • The Teacher Training Panel will present and discuss standards and NZ needs for teacher training. Could standards be more relevant to NZ, such as including a module in Te Ao Māori - the Māori world? The panel will discuss a pragmatic proposal for a professional and representative Yoga New Zealand organisation, with support from Yoga Australia and Exercise New Zealand.
  • Yoga NZ would be run by a council representing the NZ yoga community, provide member benefits, and recognise teachers and training providers who meet basic and Yoga Australia standards for yoga teaching. More details will be available for download before the conference.
Speaker - Leanne Davis