Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here’s a list of FAQs that help provide more information on the event. If there is a question that is not listed here, feel free to give us a call on 0800-66-88-11.

Note: This page is in constant development.  We are updating questions and answers as they are asked. 

Q: What exactly is a conference

A: A conference is about connection, education and collaboration. It differs from a festival in that the main focus of a conference is education of yoga professionals (although any yogi is welcome!). At a conference there are multiple sessions from multiple speakers at the same time.  (We have 26 sessions from 19 presenters @ Hauora).   Using a combination of clinics, masterclasses, workshops and discussion panels (see below for more details on what each of those terms mean) we bring together the yoga community to connect, discuss, learn, innovate and practice together.  

Q: What does the name Hauora mean?

A: Hauora is a Te-Reo word, which has multiple meanings broadly related to health, wellness and being well and in ‘good spirit’. In the context of this conference, we use it to include all the holistic wellness principles encapsulated by Yoga, as well as the unique New Zealand elements of yoga in New Zealand. 

Q: What is a clinic

A: A clinic is an in-depth look at an issue, normally over 2-3 hours.

Q: What is a master class

A:  A master class can be thought of as a ‘demonstration class’ where a particular style/concept is demonstrated by way of a class/yoga practice.

Q: What is a workshop?

A: A workshop is a combination of lecture and practical application around a topic. Think interactive as well as theory.  

Q: What is a discussion panel?

A: A discussion panel is an open discussion where multiple panelists discuss in depth a particular topic, with interactive input from those attending. Each panel also has a moderator, tasked with keeping the conversation flowing, and us all on topic! Designed to ‘dig deep’ into an issue, and explore how we can collectively work together in New Zealand to support/deal with a particular issue or topic.

Q: Can I see the full schedule?

A: The 2020 version is not yet available, but you can check out the 2019  schedule page. For more details on each session, just click on the session name.

Q: Can I attend both FitEx and Hauora?

A: Yes! While these are separate events, but we do understand that some people benefit from attending both FitEx and Hauora. If this is you, then the good news is if you choose to invest in a FitEx gold pass (3 day access), you can attend both FitEx AND Hauora. To book FitEx, visit www.fitex.co.nz

Note: If you wish to attend both you MUST use the code ‘Hauora’ in your booking (just put this in this ‘discount code’ field) and you must be booking a Gold Pass (ie. access to 3 days of FitEx). This offer is available to anyone paying for FitEx directly (not as a part of any bulk purchase arrangement).  

Q: Can I attend Hauora for just one day or just one/some sessions?

A: NEW in 2020, Yes – we do offer a ‘Day pass’ option for $249.  For this rate there are no further discounts, and accomodation is not offered as an extra option.  We’ve set the pricing for Hauora as low as possible – and many would pay the same price for a 1/2 day workshop that Hauora is for three days! 

Q: Can I buy a Hauora registration and share it between me and another person(s)?

A: A conference registration is for a single person (ID required to pick up your name badge), you will also have a wristband allocated that is required along with your name badge to enter sessions.  

Q: Can I transfer my registration to another person completely?

A: Yes. The transfer fee is $50, plus any difference between the fee they would have paid, and yours (eg if you received a discount that they aren’t eligible for). Transfers are available until 14th November 2020, to activate, just email info@hauorayoga.org.nz and let us know your details and the details of the new person. 

Q: How does the on-site accommodation work?   What nights are the on-site accommodation available?

A: We have secured the AUT student village, which is right next door to the venue (AUT University on Akoranga Drive, North Shore, Auckland). Rooms are arranged into an apartment of five private individually lockable rooms, two shared bathrooms and a common area lounge/kitchen space. There is also a large open common, lounge area that all units access.  Accommodation is available on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and is in limited supply,  book early to confirm your accommodation.

Q: Will I earn  CPD points for attending Hauora?

A: Yes. You will receive 15 CPDs with REPs New Zealand.


Last Updated: 1 February 2020