Heather Robinson

Heather Robinson

Heather Robinson is a yoga therapist, mentor, teacher and teacher trainer, trained in the teachings of T. Krishnamacharya and T.K.V. Desikachar. She began teaching in the 1990s in the UK with ‘British Wheel of Yoga’ Teacher & ‘Viniyoga Practitioner’ qualifications.

Training in Europe and India led to Yoga Teacher Trainer status. In the UK she trained yoga teachers and presented a broad range of yoga workshops. Her Yoga Therapist qualification included internships at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai. She has experience with a range of conditions and has taught those living with cancer in a hospital and complementary setting.

Heather has been an active member of the British Council for Yoga Therapy and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. When she began living in NZ, she joined Yoga New Zealand (Yoga NZ). During the last year she helped with the transition of the operation of Yoga NZ from Yoga Australia to Exercise New Zealand. Heather is honoured to be Chair of the Council of Yoga NZ, a voluntary body which helps guide the development of Yoga NZ.

Heather’s aim is to help bring life and lightness to the use of yoga for self-help and self-development.

Sessions Details

Title (Session 1) - Yoga of Action! - for positive change


The three simple yet powerful elements of Patanjali’s ‘yoga of action’ or ‘Kriya Yoga’ can bring positive life changes!

They are a process and also an anchor in our voyage of understanding where we are, what we can let go of, and how we can delve into who we are. This can result in a gradual refinement in the quality of our actions allowing a deeper awareness of oneself and of the relationships with have with others. Whilst this is fundamental on a personal level, it is also essential as we develop our teaching.

‘Yoga of action’ found in the first sutra of chapter two of the iconic Yoga Sutra is appropriate for any practitioner - including those preferring and needing a therapeutic approach. Kriya Yoga is a practical tool.

Learning Outcome

Through presentation, interaction and simple experiential practice attendees will:
- Explore the essential elements of Kriya Yoga and its relevance in our lives today.
- See how Kriya Yoga principles apply to yoga teaching.
- Put Kriya Yoga in context with other approaches.
- Take away ideas for further reflection and practical use.