Jasmin Dingemans

Jasmin Dingemans

Jasmin is co-founder/director of A Y U Wellness Arts Event Space, director of Inner Tuition, sits on the board of Yoga Education in Prisons Trust, and lectures in philosophy, hatha, pranayama + more in teachers’ training courses.

Coming from an immersive (ashram living) background living in various countries including India, Nepal + Indonesia, she has been teaching Classical Hatha + Tantra Yoga for 10 years, and has found her approach has evolved along with her worldview.

Jasmin has followed her passion for helping those in greatest need to specialize in the areas of Trauma and the Nervous System. She now integrates somatic/organic movement, play, music and lifestyle approaches into her educational offerings. She continues to research and train in all areas of body and mind well being, and enjoys adventures in nature with her husband and two little ones.

Sessions Details

Title (Session 1) - Deepening Dharma: A discussion about the role of Yoga in the evolution of our community


Teaching in prison has opened Jasmin’s eyes to many things, one of these being the huge disparity between the demographic of the groups we work with ‘in there’ and the groups we work with ‘out here’.

We know that not everyone ‘does’ Yoga. This session pays particular attention to the groups in our community who may benefit the most from this practice, yet have the least engagement with it.

Whether the barriers to access services in our sector are financial, educational or something else, the fact remains that a large portion of our community remains underserved. In the year of the Wellbeing Budget, it is still true that wellness today has less to do with genetic code and more to do with post code.

We will take a sociological view of our community, especially in relation to access to wellness services, and then ask ourselves some important questions, like:

- Has doing Yoga become a marker of privilege?
- Has the Yoga sector unwittingly isolated those most in need of our service?

Then we will explore different options for solutions to reach deeper into and engage more with the under served populations of our communities, looking to work together to evolve our national yoga community to be more inclusive.

Learning Outcome

In this session we will:
- Explore how we can collectively and individually work to dissolve barriers to participation.
- Gain and increased awareness of why under served groups can benefit the most from Yoga.
- Understand the unique position of the yoga sector in our growing community to reach those groups, and to effect change.