Jennifer Allen

Jennifer Allen

Jennifer has been expressing herself through body movement for as long as she can remember. Hailing all the way from the USA, her journey began as a professional dancer and musical theater performer. Yoga and Pilates became the channels through which she maintained her physical and emotional well-being throughout an intense performing career in New York. Therefore it was a seamless transition into teaching.

Jennifer believes that the body is the vehicle through which we can express our deepest emotional selves. The union of mind, body and breath has the ability to connect us to our highest potential. As a teacher she loves creating sequences of practice that move in distinct connection with the breath, like meditation in motion. It is amazing what we can achieve when we approach our yoga mat with an open heart and ready to receive what the practice has in store for us. She believes that a practice of safe, sustainable yoga means that yoga should heal, not injure. Her hope is that together we create a practice that nourishes the whole self and fills our energetic bucket. Jennifer teaches Classes, Workshops and Teacher Trainings in her Auckland Studio as well as overseas.

Sessions Details

Title (Session 1) - Sustainable Yoga


Welcome to your practice. Perhaps this is the very beginning of your path laid ahead, or you have been down many a path along your personal journey.

Come share in a practice that nourishes, heals, and offers permission on all levels, from the physical to the deepest layer of our inner truth, our divine consciousness.

Yoga is the transformation from doing to being, and my intention for you is to be able to be in your practice, in all of its sweetness, for a lifetime. Sustainable Yoga will offer you the tools to have Yoga in your life in a way that is simple, intelligent, and beautiful.

Experience practice as a safe place where we are free to explore the curiosity of who we are, from the inside out, rather than our Yoga being another addition to our daily ‘to-do’ list.

A simple, accessible practice.

Learning Outcome

Sustainable Yoga is for anyone, everyone. Derived from Patanjali’s 8 limbed path of Yoga, we will see in this method:
- the transparency of the mirror that is our life and our practice, and how we can ‘live our Yoga’, being, breathing, functioning, and communicating from our highest potential.
- learn how to practice and teach safe, sustainable Yoga
- learn the three-part methodology of this work so you can re-visit the teachings of Sustainable Yoga over and over again.
- in-depth explanation toward practical application of Sustainable Yoga as an indoctrination of practice in your life.
- learn practices’ to cater specifically to some of the specific limitations and roadblocks that we may experience in our body along our journey through life.
- foster a place of deep connection inside of yourself, the place where you can be whole, present, and at peace as you reside in your truth.