Jonathon Petrohilos

Jonathon Petrohilos

Jono is the co founder and director at Fitness Education Online, an organisation which specialises in providing professional development for people in the Social Media space, as well as Functional Training and Bootcamps . Fitness Education Online’s courses are internationally recognized across Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Jono is a qualified Exercise Physiologist, published author (The Bootcamp Blueprint), International Speaker (FILEX and FITEX), host of the most successful Fitness Bootcamp Business podcast “The Bootcamp Blueprint” and owner of the popular Facebook Group “Fitness Education Online Community Group” which has over 10 000 members all of which are from the exercise community.

Sessions Details

Title (Session 1) - Social Media Essentials for Yoga Teachers & Studios


If you're a yoga teacher and you're winging it on Social Media... sooner or later you're going to be out of the industry

You know it too… You probably see “Teachers” that aren’t half the teacher you are BUT they have more clients than you and are more successful than you… Just because they know a few tricks on social media…

You could sit back and rubbish them… OR You could do something about it…

This session contains the Social Media basics that every Yoga teacher or studio NEEDS if they want to stay in the social media! It’s designed specifically for the teacher or studio who wants to be able to compete without having doing a Degree in Marketing… Or without having to become a computer scientist… or without having to waste of hours of their time fiddling with social media with no return…

Learning Outcome

-Know how to grow their Facebook presence
- Know how to convert their followers into paying clients