Leanne Davis

Leanne Davis

Since the early 1980’s Leanne studied and worked in the fields of Yoga along with bodywork, Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. After having a strong interest in Yoga from a young age she undertook her first teacher training in 1988 with Sivananda Yoga and Vedanta Academy in India. Alongside a continuing personal practice in Yoga, Leanne commenced her second teacher training in the tradition of Krishnamacharya in 1996. She currently the founder of Viniyoga Australia, a Yoga Teacher ,Yoga Teacher Trainer, Vedic Chanting Teacher and Yoga Therapist based in Brisbane, Australia.

Leanne is honoured to have the opportunity to serve, along with the incredible team of Committee members and office staff, as President of Yoga Australia and part of the Yoga New Zealand Council.

Leanne also serves on the Certification Committee of the International Association of Yoga Therapy based in the USA.

She has great enthusiasm for contributing to the profession of Yoga teaching and helping to foster the practice and understanding of Yoga in our communities. She has a particular interest teaching Yoga from its cultural and textual roots and making it relevant to current communities.

Sessions Details

Title (Session 1) - Mantra focused Viniyoga


Mantra can help focus the mind to the state of Yoga. Learn how co ordinating breath and movement to the power of mantra can deepen your personal practice and teaching.

Learning Outcome

- Feel confident about using sound and mantra with asana, pranayama and meditation.
- Enhance the effect of pranayama by adding mantra to components of the breath.
- Combine mantra with movement in asana sequencing.
- Focus the mind to a state of Yoga whether you chose to chant mantra out loud or silently within.
- Chanting together creates harmonious relationship.