Nicole Allan

Nicole Allan

My Yogic path took a turn for the better when I learnt about the importance of Ahimsa, I was in India at the time and was given the privilege of sharing time with several wise and wonderful Yogis who helped me to understand the importance to how we create harm unto ourselves and therefore into the world. I soon after delved into my teacher training Journey and have been teaching ever since, as I look back I realise that my journey become deep self exploration into Sacred Activism and the importance of knowing what we stand for and what we fight for. The key being that I had to find the delicate balance of what I cared about most with the energy of loving kindness. Yoga has been the thing that saved my life in so many profound ways and has really opened me up to love, purpose and service. I feel drawn to share this journey and the tools I have gained along the way. I now live in Milford with my husband and we own and run Raw Yoga Studio along with Teaching Teacher Training courses together.

Sessions Details

Title (Session 1) - Sacred Activism: The Importance of Ahimsa.


The session is an interactive workshop, discussing the importance of the Yogic journey starting from Ahimsa as the foundation. What this can mean in our lives, how to practically practice Ahimsa and what sacred Activism is and the importance of understanding what we stand for.

Learning Outcome

- To clearly understand Ahimsa in daily life.
- To be able to articulate what one stands for and how they can integrate this into yoga practice, teaching, and daily life.