Paul Cohen

Paul Cohen

“The focus of my work now is to help people to find, for themselves, new ways to be present in the world with more ease. That’s it, simple really”

The combination and the interplay of Bone Yoga and Bone Yoga Bodywork is taking Paul’s work to new exciting places. This exploration is deeply refreshing and offers the potential for endless creativity.“I’m loving my work and my teaching more than ever. I’m constantly learning and I’m excited”

In his late teens, Paul explored the world of improvised dance in workshops inspired by the work of Anna Halprin. He also delved deep into the Buddhist practice of Vipassana Meditation.In 1985 qualified as a 5 Element Acupuncturist, in 1992 a Zero Balancer and teacher in 1996. He ran a multi-discipline practice in the UK for 15 years and immigrated to New Zealand in 2000. After a serious illness in 2015 he committed himself to a regular daily practice of yoga. In 2016 Paul qualified as an advanced yoga teacher.In 2017 he retired from Zero Balancing and founded Bone Yoga and Bone Yoga Bodywork.Paul lives on Waiheke Island with his wife Loeci and has a twice daily practice of yoga and Qi Gong.

Sessions Details

Title (Session 1) - Bone Yoga


Bone Yoga is a simple and profound addition to the world of yoga. It focuses on releasing tensions at the bone level and slow easeful functioning of our skeletal system. The Bone Yoga Sequence provides a daily practice for exploring and supporting smooth movement and releasing old patterns.

Particular attention is placed on the engagement of the ligaments as we move our joints. This helps us become more present, more relaxed, and supports the release of physical and emotional tensions. Bone Yoga is gentle, restorative and intriguing for beginners as well as those who have been practicing for years and will enhance your yoga practice.

Bone Yoga “Yoga from the Inside Out” “Making the profound simple and the simple profound”.

Learning Outcome

Immerse yourself exploring
- Bone Yoga meditation, a meditation focusing on our skeletal system.
- Yoga in relationship to your bones.
- The free easeful movement of your skeleton.
- The internal relationship of mind, breath and movement.
- The range of motion of our joints. The voluntary range and the gentle engagement of the fascial connection.
- Learn the whole Bone Yoga sequence, a simple, adaptable, achievable yoga enquiry.

Title (Session 2) - Bone Yoga Bodywork


The principles of Bone Yoga are carried into the Bone Yoga Bodywork to support others with embodying new easeful ways of being.

Bone Yoga Bodywork uses skilled therapeutic touch to engage the whole person, offering a unique bodywork therapy interwoven with the benefits of Bone Yoga.

The quality of touch used in Bone Yoga Bodywork is safe, respectful and adaptable.

Learning Outcome

We will explore in pairs:
- Sthira and Sukha, and how we can apply these principles to touch.
- Vertebrate patterns of yield, push, reach and pull as principles of touch engagement and disengagement.
- A standing evaluation and offering new ways for us to experience ease upright.
- Ways to engage joints using traction and compression.
- The rotational movements of the hips.
- Different types of therapeutic touch.