Persephone Singfield

Persephone Singfield

Christchurch based Founder of Courage My Love, Persephone began practicing yoga in 1996 and started teaching yoga in 2011. After major life changes came to pass immediately following the Christchurch earthquakes, Persephone brought what she knew about yoga to the public as she taught from her heart to ease the stress and trauma the people of Christchurch experienced.
In 2015 Persephone aligned her love for yoga with Exercise New Zealand and together they have supported the Yoga community with developing the Hauora Yoga Conference, Yoga New Zealand and The Mind Body Award for the NZ Exercise Industry Awards.
Persephone has a broad range of skills which she enjoys sharing through a variety of interests. She works with people by coordinating community based projects within the non profit and social enterprise sectors. 
“I’m a heart centred entrepreneur who believes in strong relationships and harnessing the power of many as the foundation to making the world a better place. In balance with my business interests, I enjoy practicing and teaching yoga as a way of living a connected, happy and healthy life.”  

Sessions Details

Title (Session 1) - The Yoga New Zealand Discussion Panel


Join the Yoga New Zealand Council in a discussion about Yoga in New Zealand. Chairperson: Heather Robinson Council Members: Leanne Davis, Felicity Molloy, Chaitanya Deva, Richard Beddie and Persephone Singfield

Last year we held our first discussion panel at the inaugural Hauora Yoga Conference 2018. As part of that discussion the president of Yoga Australia, Leanne Davis, and the CEO of ExerciseNZ, Richard Beddie, announced that the two organisations were joining forces to support Yoga New Zealand. Many voices were heard during that session and many hands went up to support the merge.

In this years session you will hear from the YogaNZ Council about:
- the actions taken over the last 12 months
- updates to Yoga Teacher registration & Teacher Training
- updates on Yoga Therapy progress internationally and how that impacts NZ Yoga Therapists
- working groups that have started
- ways you can get involved or become connected to YogaNZ

The session will allow for a public discussion on 'where to next'. This is not to be missed should you wish to contribute your energy on the direction of Yoga in our country!

Learning Outcome

- Learn about the actions YogaNZ has taken since Hauora 2018.
- Meet the YogaNZ Council.
- Understand the support available to Yoga Teachers, Teacher Trainers and Yoga Studios.
- Learn how to become involved in NZ wide working groups for progressing Yoga in our country.
- Add your voice to a powerful discussion about Yoga in NZ.