Dr. Pooja Maddela

Dr. Pooja Maddela

Dr. Pooja Maddela is a registered medical practitioner from the Department of Indian Systems of Medicine. She is a highly accomplished international speaker, exceedingly skilled master yoga teacher/mentor, yoga therapist, yoga teacher trainer, and clinician. She is the founding director of ‘Dr. Pooja’s Yoga & Integrated Mind-Body Therapies’, offering integrative therapies including Yoga Alliance Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training. She teaches yoga at the facilities of the Ministry of Education and Auckland Council. She runs a successful clinical practice with an emphasis on Yoga therapy, Ayurveda and Eastern naturopathy. Her teaching and clinical skills are legendary – she has received several awards including:
– ‘Tutor of the year 2010 NZ’ (NZAPEP) for Excellence in teaching and      facilitating Yoga Philosophy, Practice and Therapy in tertiary education
– ‘Yogini Award’ for Excellence in Teaching and Practicing Yoga
– “National Women’s Excellence Award” India – for her contribution in the field of Yoga internationally
– “Best Faculty Award” from Swara Darshini Film Institute, Hyderabad for Excellency in voice training for dubbing artists.

Sessions Details

Title (Session 1) - Yoga Therapeutics for Brain and Cognitive Fitness


A healthy brain is essential to optimal functioning in day to day life. Our thoughts sculpt our brain, every thought is a source of neurochemical changes in the brain and thoughts literally program our cells. During chronic stress, the brain releases stress hormones which may inhibit the immune system. Lifestyle choices are key factors related to brain health and performance. Come and explore the holistic approaches and self-care practices to enhance brain health, cognitive fitness & wellbeing.

Learning Outcome

- Discuss key cognitive abilities and functions of the brain.
- Understand the role of thoughts in relation to brain function and cell biology.
- Explore the role of exercise and neurochemicals in brain health.
- Learn traditional techniques that improve focus, concentration, and memory to improve cognitive fitness and quality performance in daily life.