Sarah Spence

Sarah Spence

Sarah Marlowe Spence, also known as Premratna, has been facilitating kirtan (joyful chanting) for over 15 years. Her background as a yoga asana teacher and journey learning about sound and other energy in various forms gives her the ability to hold a space for people to experience the bliss of kirtan. Sarah first found mantra while living in Canada and has explored her relationship with it at ashrams in Canada, Australia, India and New Zealand. Sarah can help you explore your own voice whatever level, as kirtan is a practice for everyone no matter what age or ability.

Sessions Details

Title (Session 1) - Kirtan


Come and sing your heart open using the music aspect of yoga: kirtan, sometimes translated as 'joyful chanting'. Using call and response, this ancient form of singing mantra works on the emotional layer and clears the mind.

Learning Outcome

- Have an awareness of what kirtan is and its history.
- Experience the effect of mantra on the mind and emotions.
- Experience the effect of chanting in a group.