Susan Furey

Susan Furey

Sue Furey discovered yoga in 1982 and is now passionately teaching classes and workshops at TYC, as well as keeping things running as the Operations Manager. “Teaching yoga gives me the opportunity to share something with others that I love and know has many benefits,” says Sue. IYTA NZ trained; whether teaching beginners or general classes, her focus is on being ‘in your body and breath to enable your mind to be ‘quiet’.’ Sue also teaches yin yoga and a therapeutic class for woman affected by cancer.

Sue feels teaching at TYC is a privilege and that the teachers and students are like an extended family for her. The gift of Yoga is one that that keeps on giving–if practiced regularly, and Teaching allows me to share this gift. “Yoga has been my teacher, student, confidant, healer and friend. When students tell me about their ‘gem moments’ in a practice this further ignites my motivation to keep practising and sharing.”

Outside of yoga Sue loves to be with her 3 precious granddaughters or tramping. Some of the other jobs Sue has had: I have been self employed in a pottery business; run training programmes for the ‘women returning to work’; & worked for local and regional Government.

Sessions Details

Title (Session 1) - Community Yoga Model (a non profit model)


Tauranga Yoga centre Inc has been operating for 47 years. We run at a profit and have approximately 440 members alongside an equal number of casuals who attend a variety of yoga classes over a 12 week term. We have 4 terms per year, 26 classes per week, 109 teachers and also run a variety of yoga workshops.

TYC kaupapa:
To offer our community affordable Yoga classes to enable as many people as possible to discover and practice Yoga.

Our Mission:
To provide a safe and welcoming environment for members and casual students to practice yoga in.
To ensure that our teachers are professional and trained to an appropriate standard.
To ensure TYC remains non-aligned to any one yoga practice or philosophy.

Learning Outcome

- Learn about how to run a non-profit community model yoga centre. It is a business and needs and does to run as such
- Discover how all profits after expenses go back to the centre for the benefits of its many members. (A very inclusive model)
- Learn about the many benefits of doing so for both the people learning yoga, and for those managing and teaching at such a centre.
- Discover how classes which are very affordable stops yoga becoming elitist
- How to keep Teachers very well trained and a fully equipped and well maintained centre.
- Learn how to involve the wider community (ie local councils; other non profits; health orgs) to support the kaupapa of 'yoga' from a health and well being perspective.