Keishana Coursey.

First and foremost I am a lifetime learner.

For me yoga is an ancient practice that recognises the body beyond it’s physicality to include a complexity of prana (energy). This practice encompasses movement (asana) in union with the breath body (pranamaya), alongside contemplative practices that serve to address the egoic mind towards stillness, calm, awareness and focus . I believe yoga is rooted in the fundamental human need to connect; to self, others and Life and I commit to living authentically, mindfully, sustainably in this world.

I am deeply humbled to include Yoga Teacher in the skill set below. Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner

HNLP Life Coach National

Certificate in Adult Education & Training (Lvl 4)

Midwife (BM, RM)

iRest (Level 1 Teacher in Training)

Mindfulness Childbirth Educator (

Yoga Teacher (Contemporary Yoga)