Experiential workshop with Daneil Peter Cunningham and Mark James Hamilton

Para Shakti Flow

Para Shakti Flow is a daily mat practice developed by Mark James Hamilton and Daneil P Cunningham. Informed by their combined forty-eight years of studio experience, the practice is rooted in the modality of hatha yoga —aligning breath, posture and awareness through flow. Uniquely, the practice integrates aspects of bharata natyam (South Indian temple dance), kalaripayattu (Kerala’s ancient martial art) and Tai chi chen. Para Shakti Flow (or The practice) is dynamic and meditative. It especially nurtures a creative engagement with the surrounding space and can readily be practiced outdoors. There are six phases to the practice, each using precise actions to initiate energetic changes: pranama – embrace the Earth through namaskar (salutations); pranayama – develop ekagrata (one pointed focus); kriya – activate kundalini (life force); payattu – awaken shakti (inner power); nada – resonate your chakra (energy centres); nritta – embody Nataraja (Siva as Lord of the Dance).

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