Aaron Marshall

Aaron is a Scottish born, REPs NZ registered Exercise Specialist and a NZ registered Physiotherapist who works as a trainer and physiotherapist in the Nelson/Tasman Region of New Zealand. He is the Director of PhysEx Rehabilitation & Performance Ltd, and provides mentorship to trainers and other health professionals in ethical and best practise health business approaches.

As a trainer he works with special populations; the elderly, those with obesity/diabetes or chronic medical conditions, high-level athletes looking to progress in terms of strength, power and speed and those with injuries & chronic pain problems. Aaron is also a registered education provider who regularly presents evidence-based approaches to Health and Health & Fitness sector professionals and is a popular presenter at FitEx.

He is well known for his blunt but well informed and entertaining approach to education. His passion is for empowering people to achieve their health, life & sports goals through evidence-based approaches. He feels that, with true collaboration between the Health and Fitness sectors, health and quality of life could be improved for all New Zealanders.