Daneil Peter Cunningham

Daneil Peter Cunningham is an actor-director who teaches movement and yoga for actors. He trained at Rose Bruford School in London, the Estonian Academy and Sivananda Yoga World HQ in Kerala.

He has practiced astanga vinyasa, Iyengar and Gitananda yoga forms since 2014, and is currently attending the Auckland Yoga Academy. His international career includes tours to Spain, Georgia, France, Turkey and Scotland with Teatr ZAR of Grotowski Institute, Poland.

As lead performer, he founded an immersive theatre company called SoundBoxed who performed across London for three years. He went on to create and perform solo work in London, Dublin and Reykjavik.

Daneil has taught physical practices at four London drama schools. He led physical actor training at Identity and was daily yoga teacher for the first-year actors at Arts Ed (the UK’s oldest drama school).