Felicity Molloy

Felicity Molloy (PhD, Med, GDHE, Senior Level 3 Teacher Yoga Australia/NZ, Dip Remedial Massage) is one of New Zealand’s experienced yoga and somatics practitioner/teachers. She draws on extensive community and tertiary skill, developing NZQA accredited programmes for professional practice-based topics of yoga, massage, dance, somatics – and natural therapies’ blended delivery.

Felicity has convened tertiary education conferences and seminars. Her interdisciplinary research includes older adults’ wellbeing through yoga, dance, and somatic approaches to blended delivery education. She recently attended the Japan Yoga Therapy Society and Asian Yoga Therapy Association international conference, July 4–7, 2018. During this event, “Towards a Global Consortium on Yoga Therapy,” the delegates’ aim was to establish relationships and communicate about yoga therapy as a field of enquiry on a global scale.

Felicity mentors teachers and students in applied anatomy for yoga teacher trainees and, for natural therapies, integrated practice, critical thinking and research studies. She is actively involved in the community through her yoga teaching and clinical massage practice in Westmere, Auckland.