Keishana Coursey

KeiShana is a passionate lifetime learner who has immersed herself in the mechanics of the mind-body relationship since her late teens. Studying Neuro-linguistic Programming + hypnotherapy to support an optimal relationship with self, others + Life has led her on a journey with a focus on women’s health and wellness.

KeiShana is an entrepreneur whose path includes the co-creation of Opti-mum (Antenatal Education Programme) using a neurophysiology + mindfulness approach to the birth continuum. Supporting families as a midwife provides a wealth of experience observing and working with the powerful physiological and neurological pathways that inform perception therefore behavioural response. She gets most lit up when seeing people traverse between anxiety or fear into calm and confident. It’s been a natural progression from teen yoga student to fitness fanatic and fanciful fads, all the way back to meditation and now yoga teacher hence, includes yoga, meditation and mindfulness in her private 1:1 coaching or group workshops as a framework to invite awareness, choice and change. With a love of linguistics, KeiShana utilises words like a wand and brings this magic into her teaching.