Nicole Mackes

Nicole comes from Stuttgart in the South of Germany. Living in Christchurch, NZ since 2005, Nicole has 2 boys now aged 9 and 11 and runs her own business ‘7 doors’ where she offers individual yoga sessions and therapeutic massage. Nicole also teaches classes at a collection of yoga studios in Christchurch. Back in Germany she trained and worked as a qualified physiotherapist in a spinal unit within an orthopaedic hospital for 6 years.

Nicole worked in an interdisciplinary team focused on the rehabilitation of patients with spinal injuries as well as other neurological and orthopaedic challenges. During these years Nicole learned that the healing journey for every person is very individual and depends on a holistic recovery and rehabilitation where all aspects of the patients health are considered.

After Nicole began her yoga teacher training a lot of these understandings came together for her, as she gained deeper insights in the meaning of unity and synergy between body and mind combined with an integrated wholesome approach to achieve a sense of well-being through the practice. As a yoga teacher Nicole is very passionate in applying and sharing her knowledge about the physical body, including yoga teachings, to facilitate an informed and holistic journey for her students .