Sàraseva Sawyer

Sàraseva discovered the practice of Pure Meditation˜ Raja-Kriya Yoga, taught by Mata Yoganandaji, in the year 2000. Working as a teacher in challenging schools, she experienced the deeply transformative effect it had on her own life (stressed out, ill, tired… into healthy, energized, peaceful – or about as much as is possible in an unpredictable, full classroom!) also, amazingly, the response in her pupils (hyper and often distracted – to steady and calm … mostly!) – an effect which was regularly noted by fellow staff.

She became committed to developing her practice as a way of life, believing and experiencing that any practice can only truly benefit us when we become inspired to implement it in all aspects of our daily life. 

Leaving the school teaching environment to live, work and train full-time with Mata Yoganandaji from 2003 until her passing in 2020, Sàraseva now lives and works at the Self Realization Sevalight Centre in Bishopdale, Christchurch.

One of six Centres worldwide, the work is focused on bringing practical spiritual principles to life, and creating a loving, peaceful environment for all who wish to develop their own pathway forward at the level that they choose. Workshops held by the Centres span from individual spiritual self-development to stress management and prevention for companies.