Tilak Raj

Tilak Raj is a sports scientist and qualified yoga teacher with years of experience in teaching international students and corporate clients in many countries.

He uses an introspective approach to teach yoga and encourages students of all ages and abilities to dive deeper into their yoga practice. By including his experience gained in the lab on human performance and his philosophical understanding of yoga, he applies a unique combination of ancient and modern science in his teachings. He says, “yoga is simple, we humans make it complicated”, and he encourages students of all ages and abilities to lead a healthy, stress-free and active lifestyle.

He initiated his studies in the early 1990s in India. He deepened his yoga practice and teaching methodology under various senior yoga teachers from India and around the globe. He studies various ancient scriptures including Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Yoga Vasistha, and others in depth.

He holds a PhD in sports and recreation, focusing on the effects of yoga on sports performance and health. He is also a qualified yoga teacher from various educational institutions and yoga ashrams around the world, with years of experience in teaching students in New Zealand and internationally.

Currently, he is engaged in research in New Zealand ranging from sports performance enhancement to sports injury prevention, neuromuscular enhancement, and cardiovascular health implications of yoga practice.