Hauora Yoga Conference Keynote Speaker: Dr Jane Hardcastle 


Professionalism and Yoga

What does it mean to be professional as a yoga teacher? Is this different from being a professional yoga teacher? If so, how, why, and what does that look like? We each have different perspectives, beliefs, and values when it comes to our profession. You may not yet be convinced that teaching yoga is a profession. Perhaps to you, yoga is a vocation, a calling, or a hobby. Perhaps yoga will always remain a practice – whether personal or professional. 

Our keynote address this year will explore perspectives, questions and considerations around our extensive field of practice, our influence as teachers and how we, as a New Zealand yoga community may choose to portray, uphold and practice integrity.

Jane will draw on experience in professional practice in the disciplines of nursing, clinical management, mentorship, professional development, postgraduate education, developmental strategy, yoga teaching, teacher training and yoga therapy to present ideas, thoughts, and questions around professionalism in yoga.

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