Presentation – Three perspectives: Veronica King

How to be a successful yoga outlier: Working against populist yoga expectations

10.30am-11.00am with Veronica King 

With a set plan to become a yoga teacher, I found myself over the years reinventing myself. In a series of circumstances Yoga Nidra found its way back into my life and is now the focus of my teaching. In the wake of losing some key part of identity, perhaps a job, a relationship, a home, belongings, it can feel like there is nothing left. As practitioners of yoga when challenge is presented, an emergence is possible. A reclamation of the ‘authentic’ self. My hope is that sharing how to adapt and reinvent teaching style and platforms, will inspire anyone at a crossroads to keep going. Letting go of the popular definition of a “successful yoga teacher”, becoming a yoga outlier has made me a much better teacher and ultimately has brought me joy and profound peace. When you are in alignment with your true path nothing can stop you.

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