Understanding the anatomy of the psoas muscles By Donna Farhi

Understanding the anatomy of the psoas muscles

A New Definition of Core: Finding, Feeling and Releasing Your Psoas Muscles The psoas is a complex stabilizing muscle that lies parallel to the lower spine and connects the spine and pelvis to the legs. Defined as the “deepest abdominal muscle”, when tight, weak, or unbalanced, the psoas muscles can literally pull the body off center. Which is why it’s so important to address imbalance at this deep level before proceeding to work that strengthens the core body. Using an evocative PowerPoint lecture, Donna will guide you through the anatomy of this muscle and why it can have an impact on low back function, breathing, and even chronic stress states. In the second part of the clinic you’ll learn some very gentle, accessible and effective techniques to use for yourself and your clients to soften and release these deep muscles. You’ll learn how these techniques can unwind chronic structural imbalances such as hyper or hypo lordosis (accentuation or flattening of the lumbar curve) and uni-lateral tension in the lower back. Helping your clients find balance within the deep center of the body can pave the way towards better posture, function, and ease in moving.

Speaker – Donna Farhi

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Saturday – AJ100
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