Hau Ora – Yoga & Mindfulness from a Maori Perspective By Jase Te Patu Followed by a meet and greet social event

Hau Ora – Yoga & Mindfulness from a Maori Perspective

Hau Ora is the ancient māori holistic practice of the 4 pillars of wellbeing or Te Whare Tapa Whā. ‘HAU’ translates to mean ‘vital essence’ and ‘ORA’ broken down, expresses the sunniness or ‘light’ that exists within you and me. We focus on connection to Self, through balance in body (tinana) and mind (hinengaro) then to Others through the practice of whānau and then a beautiful connection to something way greater than all of us or Spirit (wairua). These pillars work beautifully with the eastern practices of Yoga! Jase explores the link between the 2 worlds, celebrating the sameness or oneness rather than the differences! He explains how the 2 worlds combine beautifully to create his Mindfulness for children programme M3, a programme for tamariki aged 5-10 focusing on Māori Mythology, Movement of yoga and Mindfulness.

Speaker – Jase Te Patu

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Friday – Main Marquee
Venue - Main Marquee