Mantra focused Viniyoga By Leanne Davis

Mantra focused Viniyoga

Many of us focus on breath co ordination in our Yoga Practice but another chosen focus can be the use of sound and mantra. Mantra focused practice gives us the opportunity to intensify the quality that we wish to become in our practice. We will learn how to synchronise movement and breath to mantra through vocalising or mentally repeating mantras. You will not require any experience of mantra to come along to this workshop and explore how we can bring about results from linking a quality to a mantra and applying it to the techniques of Yoga practice. Leanne will be presenting this approach to Yoga practice from what has been passed on to her in the Krishnamacharya tradition of Yoga from Desikachar that she has studied in for over 20 years.

Speaker – Leanne Davis

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Friday – Main Marquee
Venue - Main Marquee