On Being the Biggest and the Brownest By Nafanua Kersel

On Being the Biggest and the Brownest

Using a self-reflexive account of my experiences as a Pasifika woman in the yoga world, I will share how my Pasifika worldview and indigenous identity informs my yoga practice and offerings. There is a rising and collective desire for yoga to present diversity and practice inclusiveness. Drawing examples from lived experience, I will discuss the need for inclusiveness, as an intrinsic aspect of yoga, to be integrated into how we extrinsically share yoga practices. What does cultural relevance and awareness look like, what does practicing inclusiveness feel like? I will highlight the intricacies of identity and space, with a focus on how yoga instructors may facilitate tangible and intangible spaces where Maori and Pasifika cultural spaces are acknowledged. The big-picture-focus is to add to the collective consciousness around de-colonising our ways of being, within self, within yoga practice, and within relating to one other.

Speaker – Nafanua Kersel

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Sunday – Main Marquee
Venue - Main Marquee