Opening doors for yoga practitioners and new students with injuries By Nicole Mackes

Opening doors for yoga practitioners and new students with injuries

How yoga teachers can have the opportunity to facilitate a holistic healing journey for students with injuries to their spine. Each day we meet students – new and experienced, with various abilities and backgrounds. We can also meet students with injuries or health conditions who seek benefits, recovery and insights from the practise of yoga. Some of the most common types of challenges are associated with back pain and back injuries (for example bulged or prolapsed discs).Nicole will share some of her insights based on her professional experience gained while working as a physiotherapist in a spinal unit in Germany, supported by her journey approaching students with injuries from the perspective of a yoga teacher/practitioner. Nicole shares her aspiration to open doors for students with injuries by creating a teaching environment where students can learn about and understand their bodies as they raise awareness around the deep connection of their physical health, and the positive, kind, supportive attitude for their overall well-being. Nicole is passionate about the healthy function of the spine and recognises that a “pain in the back “ can affect people in a fundamental way in many areas of their lives (physically, mentally, emotionally and socially). Intended outcomes/messages of this session: – Understanding the unique position of yoga teachers to open doors to a healing journey encompassing an integrated approach in caring for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social well-being (Haurora) of students with injuries. – Benefit from a deeper understanding of the function and anatomy of a healthy spine and what happens in cases of back pain and injuries. – Gain insight to different aspects of physical pain and implications of chronic and long term discomfort. – Supporting yoga teachers to gain confidence in approaching students with back injuries. – Inspire and empower teachers to be active participants on their students healing journey within the of 8 limb path of yoga practice.

Speaker – Nicole Mackes

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Saturday – AJ100
Venue - AJ100