Yoga Therapy in NZ – Discussion Panel MC – J.Brown Panelists: Katie Lane, Donna Farhi, Jac Wilson, Leanne Davis, Felicity Molloy

Yoga Therapy in NZ – Discussion Panel

How does New Zealand differentiate between yoga teachers and yoga therapists?

What are local and international standards for yoga therapy training? For example, yoga therapists meeting Yoga Australia yoga therapy standards are recognised in NZ as yoga therapists by Yoga New Zealand.

How do we, as a national yoga community, want to support yoga therapy development in our country?

Yoga Therapy Panel

The panel will discuss how we envision yoga therapy developing in NZ. What would it look like for it to become recognised as a legitimate healing modality in our country and what impact or consequences may that have on yoga therapists. As we explore the accreditations available for yoga therapists and yoga therapy training in NZ, we may inquire into how we can integrate into the professional health system. For example, could yoga therapy be funded by insurance organisations such as ACC?

The panel discussion outcome:

To understand the pathways to becoming a certified yoga therapist in NZ and to discuss the pros and cons for both recognition and integration of yoga therapy in our national health system.

Chair – J.Brown

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Friday – AJ100
Venue - AJ100