Presentation from Aaron Marshall 

Yoga: Panacea or risk of injury?

In this session, we will cover common injuries, what causes them, how exercise/yoga can be used in conjunction with conservative management, what to be aware of when working alongside a treatment plan and when to send someone on to a clinician. A self proclaimed “yoga-novice” with over 20 years of experience in the Health and Health & Fitness sectors, Aaron will guide you through muscle, joint and ligament injuries, what the common mechanisms are that can cause these, and how these can relate to yoga. With the growing body of research supporting exercise and movement strategies as rehab for a large portion of musculoskeletal pain and injury, the session will also cover the possible and likely role that yoga, and you as the instructor, can play in this journey for your clients. Fair warning, Aaron takes an evidence based approach to rehabilitation, so come along if you are interested in growing your understanding, challenging some of your biases and learning how important “staying in your lane” can be to ensure a good outcome for your students/clients.

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